Program For Improving Livelihoods And Food Insurance Through Urban Agriculture In Yemen

Project Of : Food security program and livelihood Program

Yemen Will Triumph Organization( YWT ) Funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI),
Within the framework of the Food Security and Livelihood Improvement Program, work is being under taken to support 100 women in the youth category. The project aims at achieving  food  insurance for 100 families through urban agriculture in  (Vegetarian and animal) as one of the alternatives that consumes a small amount of surrounding resources Food.

Targeted families will be trained in urban agriculture to gain knowledge on how to care, protect and market their plant and animal products. Later, home gardens will be set up to grow vegetables and fruits and a chicken coop will be established to cover part of the household needs and sell more than their daily needs.

The project the refore  seeks  food security and improved livelihoods.

The details will be presented first-hand.

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