• Food security program and livelihood Program


    Nutritional aid is needed in Yemen to save the lives of 3 out of every 10 inhabitant and food security support is needed for 6 out of every 10 inhabitant.

    Whereas food insecurity is in a continuous rise because of the instability in the availability of basic food commodities, lack of fuel, reduction in having revenue or work, market and trade disruption.

    In addition, that the wheat price got raised up to 47% and the price got raised up to more than 250% of what it used to be before the crisis, which resulted in the raise of commercial food distribution costs, which in turn contributes to food shortages and high prices.

     Rising the prices and the discontinuous availability of food means keeping it out of the reach for many people, weather because of its unavailability in the markets or inability to afford.


    Program Objectives:


    Helping food aid reaching to 3,000 families (18,000 people).

    Improve the livelihood of 250 families (1500 people).

Program`s Project


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