• Education Program

    According to the UN estimation that 1.8 million child dosn’t go to schools since the rise of conflicts on the 27th of March 2015, reaching with this the total population in the educational age that are not enrolled in schools to 3.4 million.

    Also, More than 1,100 schools were directly affected by the conflict, which exposes the education of more than 720,000 students to risk.

    Educational opportunities can reduce from the conflict psychological impact on the children and the society has a paramount need for safe and, equipped schools and child friendly spaces.

    The reintegration of vulnerable children not enrolled in school in the system is also necessary, through the education programs, and that school programs should also address the culture of violence and encourage peaceful conflict management.


    Program Objectives:


    • Spreading and promoting the culture of reading for 4,000 of the Yemeni youths.
    • Early reading support for 2,500 child in Yemen.
    • Increased school enrollment for 2,500 child in Yemen.
    • Assisting, helping and guiding a 1000 boys and girls from the youths in future planning and choosing their university major.

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