Announcing the winner of the title of " Yemen Influencer"

Hamzah Al-Qadi won the first season of "Yemeni Influencer " competition, which was implemented by YWT and Manasati30

Hamzah Al-Qadi will receive a valuable award, which is an integrated photography package, in addition to producing his own online program.

The program that the judge participated in and won was called "unknown airports".





French director and actress Louise, member of the jury in the influencer of Yemen, explained the reason for the selection of the judge to the judge by saying: “We had criteria for our evaluation such as the general impression, the content, personality, appearance, quality and technology, and the judge’s video was one of the strongest videos, his speech is clear and direct and its content is convincing and coherent.”

This competition comes within the first project of its kind that aims to shed light on young content makers, build their capabilities and refine them to provide positive youthful content that affects social media and use social media to bring about positive societal change that addresses societal problems and topics that focus the youth’s interest away from non-purposeful content Who fills different social networks.