Call For Registration In Karama Yemen Festival Training Workshops-Writing Visually

Karama Yemen festival will be held under the title "Bring It To Light", in which we highlight several issues related to the rights of women and children and the effects of war on them, the suffering of the displaced, 
education, democracy, fighting corruption, peace, and coexistence, ect..

Through screening around 45 films, fiction, documentary, and animation, a collection of local and international, in order to raise the awareness of society and especially the youth to find solutions to the problems and obstacles that prevent the existence of a safe human rights environment in Yemen.

Besides the screening of the films, Karama Yemen Festival will include other activities such as training workshops where several workshops will be held for three consecutive days:

Writing Visually Training Workshop:

This workshop will focus on giving the participants enough information to draw basic caricature characters, by learning to exaggerate the right features to express the distinct characteristics of each individual for a comic effect.
Then, the participants will learn to use those characters to tell a comic story focusing on a human rights case, or delivering a message of peace.


** Please before you apply, check the following:

1. Your prior knowledge of drawing.
2. Your ability to train in October.


Recipients will be selected in two stages:

First: the stage of sorting forms based on their prior knowledge of drawing, and their ability to participate in the project.

Second: the interview stage, in which the best candidates will be selected at the stage.


** Only accepted applicants will be contacted after screening.


To apply click here